The New All-in-One IVM Series," the only all-in-one box integrated intravital microscopy systems in the world


IVIM Technology, Inc. has released “The New All-in-One IVM Series,” the first all-purpose intravital microscopy in the world.

"The New All-in-One IVM Series" is designed ergonomically to integrate all the essential features necessary to image in high speed and resolution (up to 100 fps, 512x512 pixels) of living animals. It is equipped with upgraded imaging algorithms that enable animal motion compensation. The apparatuses for heating, anesthesia, window chamber observation, and longtime inspection have been upgraded to keep the physiological conditions of the animal stable in the best possible way. IVM-CMS3 in the new series will be installed at the University of Southern California, the USA, and Oxford University, the UK, in November 2022. These two locations will be a great chance to target the US and European markets and conduct a marketing campaign. Taking the courage from its superior technology, IVIM Technology aims to triple its sales within the next three years.

“The New All-in-One IVM Series” consists of an ultra-fast laser scanning three-dimensional intravital microscopy system that allows for direct observation of the cell movement inside living tissues and individual cells moving inside various body organs that cannot be seen via MRI or CT imaging in cellular and sub-cellular levels such as muscle, collagen, adipose tissue, blood cells, proteins, antibodies, exosomes, and surrounding microenvironments simultaneously with higher resolution and precision than existing technologies.

According to data from regulatory authorities, the acceptance rate of new drug candidates has been stuck at around 10 percent worldwide for the last few decades. Determining the validation, tracking, and mode of action in vivo of new drug candidates at the preclinical development stage is vital for the effectiveness and acceptability of the new drug. "The New All-in-One IVM Series" will provide guaranteed results in validating the ADME process at the early stages of new drug development.

“The New All-in-One Series” will be released for the first time on September 28, 2022, at WMIC, MIA, USA.

About IVIM Technology

IVIM Technology was founded based on the innovative Intravital Microscopy (IVM) developed by the Korea Advance Institute of Technology (KAIST) in 2016. The world's first All-in-One microscopy (IVM) platform developed by IVIM Technology explores the interactions among numerous cells inside living organisms. It will be the next generation of high-tech imaging equipment to elucidate the complex processes of human diseases.