Customized System

Objective Lens Rotation System
  • • It is very difficult to optimize the images in curved sample, such as brain, by sample rotation for fitting the sample surface perpendicular to the objectives.
  • • IVIM Technology can provide an objective lens rotation system that can change the incident angle of excitation lights to the sample.
  • • The rotation arm can rotate 140° in each axis of X, Y and Z, allowing the objective freely change the angle to the sample. It allows aligning the objective at the right angle to the sample surface without the sample rotation.
Retina Imaging System
  • • Retina is difficult to intravital imaging using a conventional microscope since light refracted during pass through the lens of eye.
  • • IVIM Technology can provide a system for imaging the retina of animal model through its own lenses.
  • • It allows to observe the cellular dynamics in the retina of live animal.
Endo-Microscopy System
  • • Endo-Microscopy is a useful tool for minimally invasive imaging of internal organs that cannot be penetrated by light.
  • • IVIM Technology can provide a customized intravital microscopy system and the GRIN lens based endoscope for the um-level high resolution endo-microscopic imaging.
  • • Three types of endoscope probe can provide:
    – Front-view type: Imaging the contact tissue
    – Side-view type: Imaging the side tissue (such as GI tract wall)
    – Needle type: Imaging the side tissue while penetrating
Free Space (FS) System
  • • A various approaches are required for intravital imaging depending on the target organ and research purpose, and the needs of researcher are also variety.
  • • IVIM Technology can provide a FS-(Free Space) system, the flexible intravital microscopy as the needs of individual users.
  • • FS-system open the space after the objective lens, so that users can freely use it as their purpose.
  • • Also, we can provide the options below for FS system:
    – High speed Z axis piezo scanner instead of an objective turret
    – Large sample stage for rat, rabbit, etc.
    – Attaching accessories for experiments on the side plate
    – Anything else that is deemed possible after consultation