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The New All-in-One
IVM Series

The world’s first All-in-One intravital microscopy platform from IVIM Technology is a key solution that can explore complex dynamic behaviors of numerous cells inside a living body and continuously serve as next generation core technology to elucidate unknown pathophysiology of various human diseases and discover new cures for them.

All-in-One intravital microscopy platform

Various Applications

Beyond imaging, Discover more than your expectation with IVIM technology,
Explore our In Vivo Imaging solutions by

  • Live Cell
    Intravital Imaging

    In vivo cell dynamics of migration,
    interaction, activation, etc.
    In vivo time-lapse, multi-position,
    mosaic, z-stack imaging
  • Repetitive Intravital

    Long-term period
    Live Animal Imaging
  • In vivo
    Drug Efficacy Monitoring

    Immune cell recruitment
    Proliferation & migration
    Tumor metastasis
  • In vivo Drug
    Delivery Monitoring

    In vivo imaging of drug delivery
    to target tissues & cells
  • Ex vivo

    Whole Tissue 3D Imaging of
    Tissue Sample

IVIM Technology


IVM-C3 (Confocal v. 3)

The New All-in-One Intravital Imaging Platform

Tractable, Fast and Gentle

IVM-C3 is a highly integrated intravital microscopy for in vivo imaging with an enormously increased detection efficiency, optical resolution, and contrast of the image compared to conventional fluorescence microscopy. Equipped with a 4-wavelength laser and four high-sensitivity confocal detectors, IVM-C3 allows multi-dimensional views of living cells and tissues in 3D or 4D up to four different colors. It is the optimal system for simultaneously observing various dynamic multi-cellular behaviors in small live animal models.


IVM-M3 (Two-Photon v. 3)

The New All-in-One Intravital Imaging Platform

Deep Tissue Imaging, High-resolution, Tunable Laser

IVM-M3 is one of the renowned members of The New All-in-One IVM Series. It has the flexibility feature of the traditional converted microscope and the high-resolution imaging ability of second-harmonic generation microscopy. It is equipped with a fully-automated tunable fs-pulse NIR laser system. IVM-M3 is the optimal system for users who need to conduct deeper-tissue imaging using less-scattering NIR wavelength. Full control functionality of the fs-laser system is integrated with the Two-Photon imaging software for user convenience with various automation algorithms.


IVM-CM3 (Confocal and Two-Photon v. 3)

The New All-in-One Intravital Imaging Platform

High Contrast and Resolution, Dual-mode and Tunable Laser

IVM-CM3 is a highly integrated All-in-One intravital microscopy. It can focus on the desired wavelength with its tunable Two-Photon laser unit for wavelengths as low as 690 nm, higher up to 1,050 nm, or in between. IVM-CM3 combines the advantages of both Confocal and Two-Photon microscopy providing endless possibilities for three-dimensional imaging of living cells near the skin or deep into the tumor in small animals.


IVM-MS3 (Two-Photon Smart v.3)

The New All-in-One Intravital Imaging Platform

Compact, Cost-saving, Hands-free

IVM-MS3 is the smart version of IVM-M3, an All-in-One Two-Photon Intravital Microscopy optimized for in vivo imaging. It integrates a compact, high-stability and maintenance-free fs-pulse laser unit into a single box. IVM-MS3 is perfectly capable of imaging deep tissues within a wavelength fixed at 920nm, which makes it an excellent resource for researchers with a specific target but limited resources and budget.

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IVM-CMS3 (Confocal and Two-Photon Smart v. 3)

The New All-in-One Intravital Imaging Platform

Cost-Effective, straightforward, dual-mode

IVM-CMS3 is the world's most compact and affordable dual-mode intravital confocal and Two-Photon microscope, providing versatile functionality in a single box. Having the Confocal laser units of IVM-C3 and the compact Two-Photon laser unit of IVM-MS3 with a one-switch mode changing feature, IVM-CMS3 provides comfortable multi-purpose use for intravital functional imaging and saves from unnecessary space and high costs.


Fitted systems on your individual needs

IVIM technology can make and provide a custom-made intravital microscope system fit on your specific imaging experiments.
- Objective Lens Rotation System
- Retina Imaging System
- Endo-Microscopy System
- Free Space (FS) System
- Etc.


Highly Professional Preclinical CRO Service

IVIM technology has a corporate research institute for a preclinical contract research organization (CRO). We offer research service for all applications of IntraVital Microscopy Imaging by highly professional research team. Even if you don't have any experience in live animal imaging experiments, if you contact us and send the target materials to IVIM Technology, we can proceed with your experiment instead of you.

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