Real-time In Vivo Imaging of Cellular-level Dynamic Phenotype Inside the Living Body
  • IVIM Technology’s contract R&D service provides high-quality observations of cellular-level dynamics in various animal models
  • Dynamic 3D imaging of various cellular-level dynamics such as cell trafficking, cell-cell interaction, and cell-microenvironment interaction inside the living body in vivo will provide you a new insight in the processes of human disease development
Intravascular Movement of Target Cells & Materials

In vivo real-time imaging of microcirculation

  • Microcirculation & dead space measurement
  • Functional capillary ratio measurement

Real-time imaging of various cell dynamics in vessels/lymphatics

  • Immune cells : Leukocyte, lymphocyte, granulocyte, neutrophil, macrophage, monocyte, dendritic cells, T cell, B cell, NK cell, microglial cell, etc.
  • Tissue cells : Vascular endothelial cells, lymphatic endothelial cell, hepatocyte, kidney cell, astrocyte, pericyte, etc.
  • Fluorescently labeled tumor cells (Mouse & human cell lines) : Brain/breast/lung/pancreatic cancer, glioblastoma, melanoma, etc.
Cellular-level Dynamics in Various Tissues

In Vivo 4D cell imaging, tracking and interaction monitoring

  • Cell recruitment
  • Cell motility, motion of dendrite
  • Cell-Cell / Cell-Microenvironment interaction
In Vivo Imaging of Various Organs in Animal Model

+ Thymus, Thyroid gland, Adipose Tissue, Lymphatics, Microcirculation … etc.