In Vivo Imaging of Drug Delivery & Clearance at Target Cells & Tissues
  • IVIM Technology’s contract R&D service provides a direct imaging analysis of delivery to target tissue and cells, efficacy, and mode of action (MOA) of new therapeutic candidates  in microscopic cellular-level in various preclinical model of human disease.
Monitoring of Drug Delivery & Clearance in Target Tissues

Delivery and clearance of fluorescently labeled novel therapeutic candidates

  • Fluorescently labeled therapeutics : Antibody, protein, peptide, exosome, nanoparticle, cell, gene, plasmid, small molecules, etc.

Biodistribution of novel anti-tumor therapeutic candidates and commercial anti-tumor drugs in tumor and other tissues

  • Target tissue : Primary tumor tissue, surrounding microenvironment, major site of tumor metastasis (lymph node, liver, lung, brain, etc.)
  • Anti-tumor therapeutics : Cytotoxic drugs, anti-angiogenic drugs, etc.

Retinal delivery

  • Administration route : Eyedrops, intravenous injection, intravitreal injection, etc.

Sustained drug release from  drug complex

  • Drug complex types : Skin patch, transplantable complex, etc.

BBB penetration & delivery to brain tissue

  • Target disease : Neurodegenerative disease, Stroke, etc.
Cellular Uptake of Therapeutic Candidates

Cellular uptake of new therapeutic candidates by target cells

  • Tissue cells : Vascular endothelial cells, lymphatic endothelial cell, hepatocyte, kidney cell, astrocyte, etc.
  • Immune cells : Macrophage, neutrophil, dendritic cell, monocyte, microglial cell, etc.
Real–time Intravital Imaging of Drug Delivery & Clearance in Metabolic & Digestive Organs

Drug delivery & clearance in metabolic organs

  • Target organs : Liver, kidney, lung, spleen, etc.

Drug infusion & absorption in digestive organs

  • Target organs : Small intestine, colon, etc.