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IVIM Technology's IntravitalMicroscopy_Presentation
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2021-05-18 00:30

IVIM Technology’s All-in-One intravital confocal/two-photon microscopy system (IVM-C/M/CM/MS) is extensively optimized and carefully engineered to provide superb performance in the intravital imaging of live animal models in vivo IntraVital Microscopy (IVM) enables dynamic 3D imaging of various cellular-level dynamics such as cell trafficking, cell-cell interaction and cell-microenvironment interaction inside the living body in vivo, providing a new insight in the processes of human disease development For drug development, IVM enables a direct imaging analysis of the delivery to target tissue and cell, efficacy, and mode of action (MOA) of new therapeutic candidates in microscopic cellular-level in various preclinical model of human disease.