Conventional Approach

Individual user have had to improvise the required functions for each of the intravital imaging applications with conventional standalone microscope.

  • High degree of technical difficulty for non-expert individual user
  • Non-optimized intravital imaging performance
  • Limited applicability to various organs
  • Difficult to standardize intravital imaging procedure
  • Difficult to establish universal protocol for experiment
  • Limited reproducibility and productivity

IVIM’s All-in-One Packaged Platform

IVIM Technology’s ALL-in-One Intravital confocal/two-photon microscopy system (IVM-C/M/CM/MS2) is extensively optimized and carefully engineered to provide superb performance in the intravital imaging of live animal models in vivo.

All-in-One IVM Platform

  • All-in-One single-box packaged Intravital Microscopy (IVM) system
  • Fully integrated with key functionalities for imaging of live animal model
  • Unified animal stage to accommodate various accessories for wide-range of intravital imaging applications
  • User-friendly design for easy and smooth operation